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Call to host QRSE 2024

The Executive Committee of the International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise (QRSE) warmly invites calls to host the QRSE conference in 2024. 


How to apply to host QRSE?


Only members of QRSE can apply. Selection is a two-stage process: 


1) 2 page letter of intent is invited by July 20th 2022. The letter should include the reasons why you wish to host the conference, a brief description of the conference facilities, a brief note on how the venue is accessible for international delegates (e.g. close to airport), details on what a  conference programme might look like, including social events, and estimated registration fees. A statement should also be included that confirms the applicant will follow the EDI guidelines for QRSE conferences. The guidelines can be found  here


2) Shortlisted applicants will then be invited for a discussion with members of the Executive Board. The discussion will be held at the 2022 conference in Durham or virtually shortly before the conference. The final decision will be announced at the conference.


Please send the 2 page letter of intent to Professor Meghan McDonough by July 20th 2022

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