Research grant income is the benchmark of success for many academics. However, obtaining funding for qualitative research remains a challenge for many researchers in an increasingly competitive funding environment.

This workshop will bring together four researchers who, collectively, have secured funding from a range of organisations (e.g. NIHR, ESRC, SSHRC, AHRC, WHO, Wellcome, Charity origanisations and Industry Partners) for qualitative research within the field of sport, exercise and health. The purpose is to share ‘lessons learned’ regarding what has worked well and what less so in this process, so that participants can leave feeling more informed and confident in this endeavour.

Through short talks and small group activities a number of core components to securing grant income, and delivering funded research projects will be discussed, such as, (a) planning the project, (b) building the team, (c) identifying funding opportunities, (d) writing the proposal, (e) managing the funded project. We will also discuss issues related to working in collaboration with academic and non-academic partners.

This workshop is primarily aimed at PhD students and early career researchers looking to develop a better understanding of the research grant process. More established academics who may have limited experience with grant capture are also welcome. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the workshop – especially those starting with “This might be a silly question, but….”!


Shaunna is an Associate Professor at the University of Leeds. Her research is focused on the role of physical activity in health and disease, particularly the prevention and treatment of cancer. Her recent research has been funded by Arts Council England, Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research, and National Institute of Health Research. View full profile here.


Cassandra is an Associate Professor in the Department for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University. Her research interests cohere around two main themes: Healthy Ageing, and Health and the Environment. Cassandra’s work in these areas has received funding from a range of organisations including the Economic and Social Research Council, the World Health Organisation, Leverhulme Trust, the National Institute for Health Research and Wellcome Trust. View full profile here.


Andrea is an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia (Canada). Her research is at the intersection of critical disability studies and the sociology of sport. Andrea’s work in these areas has received funding from a range of organisations including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (she has been the PI on grants in the Connection, Insight and Partner streams), Mitacs, the English Institute of Sport, and ViaSport British Columbia. View full profile here.


Stacey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University. She is especially interested in issues of gender, sport and inequality and has published widely on the topic of women’s sports fandom. Currently she is principal investigator for a large Arts and Humanities Research Council grant. She has also received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and the Racing Foundation. View full profile here.