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Session 1
Publishing qualitative research: Lessons learnt and some tips  

This session is concerned with developing ‘insider’ knowledge about publishing ‘good’ qualitative research in journals. Participants are invited to bring questions to the workshop about getting qualitative research published, including the challenges, dilemmas, and good practices that go with publishing. Participant driven questions will be used to help stimulate discussion about the process and product of publishing. In addition, various ‘tips’ will be offered with regard to how to publish qualitative research. These ‘tips’ are not magical recipes for achieving instant or any success. Rather, the ‘tips’ are modest thoughts about how to avoid common mistakes and how to enhance opportunities to get work published. The ‘tips’ are based on Brett’s failures and successes of publishing qualitative research. They are also based on experiential knowledge gained from working behind the scenes as an editor and advisory board member of an international journal (Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health), as an associate editor of journals (Psychology of Sport and Exercise and Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology), and being an editorial board member of 15international peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Sociology of Sport Journal; Qualitative Research in Psychology). The ‘insider tips’ are also grounded in conversations with many journal editors he has worked closely with in recent years and as a Director of Research at two leading universities. 


Brett is a Professor at Durham University. He has published qualitative research in a range of disciplinary journals, such as Sociology of Sport Journal, Sociology of Health and Illness, Health Psychology, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Public Health, and the Lancet. He was founder and editor of Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. He was also co-founder (with Dr Toni Williams) of the International Society of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise. Brett is passionate about working with colleagues to enhance the quality of qualitative research even further and creating spaces for qualitative researchers to flourish. View full profile here.

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