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Mixed methods research is increasingly popular in health and healthcare research. Similarly, within the sport and exercise qualitative research community, calls for realist perspectives grow louder. Yet, despite these related processes potentially paving a route for mixed methods research, mixed methods research is still relatively uncommon within our field. The purpose of this workshop is to map possibilities and pitfalls of mixed methods research. More specifically, this workshop will review core-controversies in mixed methods research, address philosophical and practical enablers and constraints for mixed methods research, and potential indicators of quality and rigor for mixed methods research. While aimed primarily at researchers new to, considering undertaking, or currently designing mixed methods research projects all researchers are welcome, with experienced mixed methodologists encouraged to attend and contribute their expertise and experiences in mixed methods research. Ultimately the aim of this workshop is to support qualitative researchers to consider how they might integrate quantitative tools into their research so that any researcher considering using more than one method will make explicit and defensible choices in designing and carrying out their research.


Kass is a Senior Lecturer at the University of St Mark and St John, UK, where he teaches research methods, social theory, and pedagogy on Physical Education, Sports Science, Coaching, and Public Health degree programmes. Kass’ research uses a range sociological theories and research methodologies to understand the relationships and effects between different ways of knowing, meanings, experiences, and practices in physical activity, sport, physical education, and public health. View full profile here.

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