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A brief history

The International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise is a vital conference for PhD students and academics at all stages of their career to showcase their qualitative research, connect, and engage in multi-disciplinary dialogues. It was established by Professor David Gilbourne. The first 3 conferences were held over a 15 year period in Liverpool (twice) and Roehampton, UK. Following the retirement of Professor Gilbourne, the conference moved in 2014 to Loughborough University and was chaired by Professor Brett Smith and Dr Toni Williams. Launched as a biennial event, in 2016 the conference was hosted by Chichester University, chaired by Dr Melissa Day.


In recognition of the growing presence of scholars from around the globe, and desire of scholars from different countries to host the conference, the biennial event moved outside of the UK to Canada in 2018. Chaired by Dr Andrea Bundon at the University of British Columbia, the scale, vibrancy, and vivacity of the conference established it as an important event for researchers interested in qualitative research, sport and exercise to gather. 

The 7th conference 2020 was cancelled as a result of the global pandemic. Despite the impact of Covid-19, the community gathered together via the 1st QRSE Student and Early Career Conference in 20021. This new initiative was chaired by Dr Francesca Cavallerio. It was hosted virtually by Anglia Ruskin University, with over 200 people attending our inaugural event.  

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