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Current UK Government guidance for living safely with respiratory infections including Covid-19. can be found here.

The guidance emphasises the need to wear masks in indoors public places – as a Conference Committee, we fully endorse this, so if you can, please do. We are aware that many people have gotten used to not wearing masks, perhaps don’t see it as quite so urgent anymore, and do not relish the prospect of returning to mask wearing. We hear you! But, please remember that wearing a mask is about protecting those around you (especially those at a higher risk of becoming seriously unwell, whose circumstances you might not necessarily know about), not just protecting yourself.


Current UK Government guidance for people with symptoms of a respiratory infection, including Covid-19 can be found here.


The guidance includes information on:

  • What to do if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, including covid-19, and have not taken a covid-19 test. Click here.

  • What to do if you have a positive covid-19 test result. Click here.

  • Note: There is no longer a mandatory requirement within the UK to self-isolate. You are, however, encouraged “to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people”.


As a conference committee, we are taking the following steps to reduce the risk of covid / covid spread:


  • Mask wearing (ideally FFP2 standard) in indoor spaces will be strongly encouraged for all who can. An FFP2 standard mask will be provided in all conference bags, with spares available at the registration desk.

  • We will have a number of lateral flow tests that can be collected from the conference registration desk (it would be helpful if you can email if you are going to collect a test). If needed, we can drop lateral flow tests to Collingwood College and local hotels.

  • We are using large, well-ventilated rooms for our parallel sessions (many of you will be presenting in lecture theatres!)

  • For all-group sessions (e.g Keynote addresses), while our rooms are deemed safe for the planned capacities, we will broadcast the presentations into a parallel lecture theatre for those who would feel more comfortable with extra space.

  • We will serve (identical!) refreshments and lunches in two separate locations to minimise congestion and provide greater access to outdoor space.

  • Lunches will be served as individual boxes or packed lunch bags, rather than buffet style.

  • Although planned first and foremost as an in-person conference, we are supporting a virtual delegate option for part of the programme. If in-person delegates want, or need, to change their registration to this format, please contact the organising committee ( We will support wherever possible.

  • For attendees who would now prefer to avoid larger group gatherings, we will refund tickets for the BBQ and / or conference dinner up until midnight on Tuesday 19th July.

  • Finally, while we hope you won’t need it, we do have a conference cancellation policy


Thank you for helping us to keep QRSE2022 as enjoyable, accessible and and low covid-19 risk as possible!

Key Dates

The QRSE 2022 conference organising committee can be contacted at:

If you would you to host the conference in the future please send initial expressions of interest to the President and Conference Officer (see the executive board on the ‘About’ page for contact details). If also you are interested in hosting a QRSE workshop, or have ideas for QRSE meetings separate from the main conference, please send expressions of interest to the Conference Officer.

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